Learn Taxidermy with Master Taxidermist Tony Psaila

Hi my name is Tony Psaila and my history in taxidermy goes all the way back to Canada where my mum and dad worked as Taxidermists, they left Canada for a more prosperous life in Australia when I was only 2 years old. They opened a new business called North American Taxidermy Specialists in St Albans Victoria. I left school on my 15th birthday and started working full time in the family business. My father passed away in 1986 and I took over the business full time and wanted to take it to a new level so I changed a lot of what skills my father was using and introduced new methods of work practice that changed everything that we had done together. I travelled to different countries teaching and also learning new skills; I teamed up with Joe Boggs who runs Artistic Taxidermy in Indiana USA and entered an exhibit in the World Taxidermy Show in Springfield Illinois. I have also taught people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and many in South Africa.

 In 2001 I moved my business in a 40 foot shipping container (referred to as my Suit case) to Howick, Kwa- Zulu Natal after many visits here before; my reason was that I saw a need for the taxidermy industry here to be improved using more modern skills and up to date materials and methods, so shortly after opening my new business called Spirit of Africa Taxidermy I started to teach Taxidermy.  I love teaching, for me it has been such a rewarding job as I have followed the progress of many of my students through thick and thin, hard times and obstacles which I still help them get through, they just have to call and I am always there.

Give respect to wildlife in life and death!